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How to Evaluate TV and Print Advertising

There's more similarity between TV and print advertising than there are differences - hence, in general, you can apply the same principles in evaluating both media.

Also, the very same elements seem to enhance significantly the research scores in both media.

So, here are ten questions to ask yourself when you have storyboards in hand or are confronted by a print layout.  The following checklist encompasses the basic principles that lead to more effective and successful advertising.

1.  Is this advertising on strategy?  If not, stop right where you are.  Do not proceed.  Don't EVER be tempted into running off-strategy copy - otherwise, you'll be in the unenviable position of using good media money to mis-position your Brand.

2.  Is your Brand the "hero" of your advertising?  If you asked a respondent, "What is this advertising about," would the answer invariably be your Brand and its strategic message?

3.  Does this advertising clearly leverage your Brand's points of differentiation?  Is your advertising Brand-specific?  Could any of your competitors run this ad?

4.  Have you visualized the end-result benefit?  Of all elements that affect research, this is the most influential.  It is vital to visualize the end-result benefit ("VERB") in TV and print.

5.  Is the TV opening or the ad's main illustration interesting?  Relevant to the target audience?  Engaging?  You have only a few seconds to answer the viewer's questions, "Why should I watch or read this?  What's in it for me?"

6.  Is your Brand identified early, often, and in close-up in TV?  Is it of major size and weight in your print advertising?  Have you made it impossible for a viewer/reader to mistake whose ad this is?

7.  Does the commercial or ad include a demonstration?  Does it clearly visualize the end-result benefit or your point of differentiation?  Does it "work" in print as well as in TV?

8.  Does the audio sync with the video?  In print, is the main illustration's message reinforced by the headline?  Your audience will be confused if you're telling two different stories.  Synergy is essential.

9.  Does the advertising sign off with a strong Brand visual?  Can you create a memorable "trade mark" visual that leaves the viewer with a summary of your strategy?

10.  Is the execution technique you've chosen relevant to your Brand, the product category, and the target audience?  Have you fallen into the trap of confusing execution techniques for conceptual material?  Will your audience remember your commercial - and forget your product?

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