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A short while back I read a blog post from HubSpot on Mobile Marketing.  It was both interesting and scary to note more people in the world have mobile phones than toothbrushes (6.8 billion people on the planet 5.1 billion of them own a cell phone, only 4.2 billion own a toothbrush).

According to Morgan Stanley and Gartner, Global mobile web traffic will exceed wired web traffic by 2013. The penetration of smartphone ownership is very attractive to Marketers, which is leading many to actively incorporate mobile experiences into their plans.  2011 ANA and Mobile Marketing Association joint survey results revealed “about 90% of Marketers currently use or plan to include mobile marketing as part of their overall mix.”

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While television production may be an advertisers’ biggest focus and expense, it is often part of a larger campaign supported with a coordinating print media plan.  Where an advertiser may not spend as much money on the print portion, there are many ways the agency can help to make these dollars work harder.

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The process of completing a Statement of Work (SOW) that clearly outlines deliverables for a digital project is often an iterative one.  SOWs cover the spectrum of projects from the very simple (update FAQs on the web site) to the more complex (create a global social media strategy with guidance and creative for 40 markets).

We have all seen good SOWs – they aren’t like unicorns, but you’ve probably also seen SOWs that caused a bit of head scratching.  Poorly written or incomplete SOWs can contribute to missed deadlines, scope creep, and friction between client and agency.


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For most of MRA’s clients, the New Year brings new budgets and new advertising.  Creative development and ad production are kicking into high gear now.  As you start looking ahead to your next TV commercial or Print advertising shoot, here are a few things to keep in mind about the most critical meeting in production for you – the Pre-Production Meeting (PPM).

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Taking a little extra time to set expectations with your agency, as you prepare to embark on a digital project, can serve you well through the process and with delivery of a winning final product.


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