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MRA Services Overview

Advertising production and digital development costs continue to rise while budgets are constrained or cut. We know marketers are looking for ways to get more impact and value for their spending, and procurement partners have been tasked with even greater responsibility in bringing solutions to the table.

MRA can help. We are in the business of providing assurance to brand marketers. We bring them expertise and give them confidence that their marketing communications spending will deliver results and is as cost-effective as possible. For many of our clients, we also partner with their Procurement/Sourcing teams to develop cost-saving initiatives and apply best practices in production cost management. Here's how:

TV/Print Production

Helping brand teams maximize the value of their TV and Print advertising production spending through smart planning, disciplined bidding and production processes, and shrewd cost negotiation.

MRA Digital

Helping brands plan and execute digital programs more efficiently and effectively through cost management services, best practice workflow processes, and program consulting.

LineWatch Invoice Auditing

LineWatch® is MRA’s agency and vendor bill-monitoring system that controls costs beyond the approved estimate stage.

Co-op Managed Solutions

Co-op Managed Solutions is our professional service to manage and monitor advertising Co-op programs. Our approach focuses on increased utilization of funds, reduction of denied claims, tighter financial statements and improved time-to-market for participant advertising.

Customized Services

Tailored services based on our clients’ needs – such as reviews of advertising production operations, assistance with agency/production RFPs, and coordinating vendor consolidations for discounted rates.

Training Programs

A wide array of advertising and production-related seminars, workshops, and customized training to help marketers excel in managing their advertising projects and stay current in an evolving industry.

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