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MRA Training Catalog

MRA has reviewed thousands of television commercials and print ads, and hundreds of directors' reels.  Drawing upon this cumulative experience, MRA has developed an array of educational advertising seminars for marketing and advertising managers.

All the seminars below are available for in-house presentations.  Modules may be mixed and matched to create a customized class to meet your needs.

Master the Fundamentals of Effective TV Advertising
A how-to guide for producing effective television commercials
comprehensive two-day seminar that covers the basics on creative strategies, elements of effective advertising, storyboard evaluation, and the commercial production process.

Introduction to Television Commercial Production
A seminar that focuses on the television production process
This one-day seminar dissects the process after you've selected your storyboard(s).  We'll critique the boards from a production perspective and expose the production cost drivers.  You'll study the bidding process and the importance of a pre-production meeting.  We'll educate you on the role of the marketing manager in this process.

Developing Arresting and Effective Print Advertising
Tips to get your advertising noticed in a cluttered environment
Learn to make the most of headlines and key visuals to give your print ads "stopping power" in this half-day seminar.  We'll review some "best practices" for body copy, layouts, and typography.  You'll leave this session with a better comprehension of the print production process and the guidelines for bidding and estimating print production.

Project Briefing for Your Creative Team
Motivating your agency creative team to deliver motivating messages
Great creative briefing inspires motivation and enthusiasm for your agency creatives.  A bland brief can doom a project from the start.  In this workshop, you'll work with your creative team on ways to motivate, excite, inspire, stimulate, and provoke them for each project.  You'll lead your team in Brand Immersion and Consumer Immersion exercises along with other creative and motivating sessions.  After two stimulating days, you'll leave with tools to help your creative team craft single-minded breakthrough messages.

The Facts about Television Talent Payments
What every marketing person should know
Become knowledgeable about the different types of talent payments and ways to control those costs.  This seminar offers suggestions for negotiating with overscale talent.  You'll master the important talent questions to keep in mind.  We'll help you develop techniques for broadcast scheduling.                                                             

Screening Directors' Reels
Who is the appropriate director for your brand?
You'll learn the inside scoop on regional vs. national directors.  Comprehend and recognize the differences in quality levels.  Explore the director's specialties, and look at the creative and price considerations when selecting a director.  This is a very insightful half-day session.

Creating Appetite Appeal in Your Advertising
A must for all food and beverage advertisers
Does your food stimulate the viewer's interest and appetite?  We'll help you develop visual cues for maximizing appetite appeal, and create ways to enhance appetite appeal through the use of music, copy, and production techniques.  After this half-day seminar, you'll look at food in a whole new light.

Managing Advertising Agency Relationships
How to get the best from your advertising agency!
Getting to really know your agency and understanding their role and motivation is essential.  In this seminar, you'll develop skills to create a sustaining partnership that consistently delivers results.  We'll examine measures and rewards for agency performance.  We'll analyze the importance of the Agency's role in brand building and how it interacts with yours.  You'll master the skills to give constructive and actionable creative comments.  We'll explore the "ten toxins" that can kill the relationship.

Developing an Internet Strategy for Growth
Context, construct, content, and customize
Reaching consumers on the Internet seems so complex.  Learn how to simplify your Internet strategy for maximum effectiveness to reach the right consumers at the right place with the right message and in the right form.  You'll review what "sticks" on the web and how to apply it to your business.

For more information about MRA training or to schedule a session, please contact Dave McKillen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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